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5 Habits of Creative People

5 Habits of Creative People

5 Habits of Creative People

A Few Tips on How to Live a Creative Life

photos by Daniel Gabrielson, words by Ellie Eckert

"To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong." - Joseph Chilton Pearce

I'm writing this post after being utterly uninspired for the past week. Isn't that the worst? When you feel like your ideas are at a standstill and not even coffee can come to the rescue? It happens, but sometimes all you need is a little bit of change to dig your way out of a funky mood. 

Over the weekend, some friends and I headed out of the city for a day of apple picking and enjoying the fresh air. We never actually picked any apples (fun fact, it's possible to "run out" of apples), but we did end up in a darling little town just an hour north of the city. While driving down the tree-lined roads (you've never seen anything quite like a Northeastern fall) I had plenty of time to clear my thoughts. What exactly is the driving force behind a creative person? 

1) Be a dreamer: Some could say a dreamer is just full of ideas that'll never come to fruition. I say "HA!" Because what dreamers have are ideas—endless amounts of thoughts swirling around in their heads about little things they see in the world that most don't. Harvest that creativity. Write it down. As idealistic as it sounds, don't ever stop dreaming. 

[Editor's note: Garance Dore Stationary has some of my favorite paper products as of late. Pretty stationary is a great way to boost your creative energy!]

2) Collaborate: Some of my greatest ideas (big and small) have come from coffee dates with friends. We sit and chat for hours—about life, ideas, anything. It brews up thoughts you may not have had on your own.

[Suggestion: find your go-to coffee shop, one that makes you feel creative, welcome and full of little ideas. It'll become your spot when ideas are low—An instant pick me up!]

3) To routine, or not to routine? So many people say that making and sticking to a routine is key to creative genius. As if saying that if you trick your mind into thinking up ideas at the same time every day, you'll somehow have more of them. I beg to differ. In my opinion, going outside of your everyday routine is when you can really let ideas happen to you. 

[Suggestion: get 'outta town! I've never felt more renewed than when I take the time to get out of my everyday routine. It doesn't have to be big: a trip to a different city or a park that's a bit out of the way can be huge when it comes to renewing your creative spirit.]

4) Document and Observe: This seems obvious, but anything can inspire ideas. The way the leaves blow in the wind, the intricate nature of subtle outfit details, the smallest things can spark an idea, so take it all in!

5) Take time for yourself: I'm totally an introvert. I love being alone (in a healthy way, I swear). It gives me time to suss out my thoughts, put on music and dance around the apartment, or work on some projects I've been dreaming up.

[Quick tip: Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers is quite possibly the best Pandora channel out there.]

How are you getting creative? 

5 Habits of Creative People
5 Habits of Creative People
5 Habits of Creative People

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