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4 Key Office Organization Tips for Freelancers

4 Key Office Organization Tips for Freelancers 

Working from home can be great, right? You can work in your (coffee) pajamas, blast the music as loud as you'd like, and even avoid the commute (in LA, that counts for something). 

But inevitably, you'll come to the point when your couch doubles as a desk, you eat dinner and respond to emails where you sleep, and a filing system? What filing system?  

Not long ago, while searching endlessly for semi-important papers that I admittedly never found, I decided I needed to tap into the experts. Enter, NEAT METHOD, a home organizing and unpacking service that brings comfort, efficiency and style to your home, or in this case, work space. Read on to find organizational tips for you freelancers, remote workers, or anyone who wants to spruce up their desk space. 

What are some organizational items we should all have in our workspaces? 

1. LIMITED filing space - people tend to over-file, so give yourself a smaller filling space and when it's full, it's time to clear things out! We love that the Poppin file cabinet comes in EVERY COLOR - we also like this even smaller filling option from CB2 as well

2. Anthropologie started carrying this [hanging desk organizer] and we are dying to use it in a client's home - it is SO FUN and functional

3. Every space needs a good label and these from Russell and Hazel are a personal favorite... actually... who are we kidding? We love basically everything from Russell and Hazel.

Any tips for freelancers to keep an organized, productive work space?

Create a committed work space. No matter how small your space is, using a desk for something else as well can be incredibly distracting and encourage distraction.

What are some simple ways to create a stylish and functional workspace? 

We highly recommend choosing pieces that inspire you and motivate you to work and want to be working. Our latest favorite office items are listed under question one but we feel strongly that your desk should leave you inspired and be a small reflection of your person style so every desk will certainly look different. 

How about apps! Any favorites?

Like most everything, we believe in simplicity! A few that have made our lives easy are the following:

1. ScannerPro - Anything that eliminates paper is amazing for us. You can take a photo of a document and ScannerPro will turn it into a PDF for you to email, text, save... you can truly do whatever you want and now you are also paperless - double win!

2. Slack - our team uses this DAILY. We love that our conversations can be organized by topics and the topics are searchable. It also clears out our email inboxes with group "reply all" emails - who doesn't love that?

3. Cluster - There are tons of photo sharing apps out there but this one holds a special place in our hearts. We store all images of spaces that we have completed here making it essentially the most beautiful photo gallery we've ever seen :)

4. This is NOT an app yet BUT you do need to know about it. Calendly has been particularly amazing for us this year. There is no one on this planet who likes the back and forth of trying to sync schedules with someone. Calendly literally eliminates all of those emails and creates a meeting time in seconds. 

Discover more from NEAT METHOD here!

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