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win the day

“When you wake up, think about winning the day. Don't worry about a week or a month from now -- just think about one day at a time." - Drew Brees

Waking up on Monday morning is rough. Typically my motivation to unravel myself from the sheets is a nice big latte (is that sad?) and the anticipation of a new exciting week. Working on projects, styling photoshoots, and clipping inspiration photos for future posts just poses a whole new reason to get excited about the day, no matter how tired (lazy) I may be. 

Recently I've been waking up with Clearasil's Daily Clear cleanser, giving me a refreshing start to busy days and late nights. Clear face, clear mind am I right? This week, I'm winning the day by waking up extra early, and knocking off even the most daunting items from my to do list. I'm conquering the day, not worrying about yesterday or anticipating tomorrow. I'm living in this moment. Is there any other way?

How are you winning the day?!

Psst! Looking for some new facial products to take on the day? Head to Clearasil's site (here!) for a pretty sweet deal. Who's ready for 2014?

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