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Sweet Little Moments

Some moments are meant to be cherished. They aren’t big, but when you experience them, it’s like your whole world feels a little bit brighter. Here are some of my favorite sweet little moments:

Early morning walks through Central Park, when the air is crisp and the streets are empty. I could get lost for hours, clutching my coffee and rounding secret corners with my iPod blasting. I walk through hidden trails, and pretend I’m hiking some big beautiful forest, while I'm actually in a man-made park in the middle of a bustling city.

Quiet mornings in busy coffee shops are other moments I adore (but of course you knew that already). Sitting back in a secluded corner, writing in my always-carried notebook, I’ll take in the sights and passing people. In this moment, I always wonder what those around me are working on. Are they sending emails to potential clients, or are they drafting love notes to their significant other? Either way, everyone has a story, and in a city of millions, you never know what you’ll discover.  

During the week (and sometimes on the weekend), I rarely have enough time to lie in bed, scribbling words in my notebook or reading through my favorite books (I’m more of a “sleep ‘til the very last minute,” kind of gal). Instead, on the rare days where I have absolutely nothing on my to-do list, I’ll throw on my favorite playlist, whip up a latte and jot down thoughts in my notebook. The winter is practically made for moments when your most daunting task is getting up to pull another blanket into bed.  

One thing I haven’t quite gotten used to is snow days. You know, those still afternoons when the snow falls outside your window, accumulating layers of beautiful powder on the streets. It’s these days that I love curling up with a hot chocolate, only leaving my apartment for a few twirls in the middle of a vacant street (also for the really important things, like snowball fights).

Are you welcoming the New Year with some sweet little moments? 

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