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Girls will be Girls

There are millions of amazing things about New York City: an endless supply of things to do, great coffee shops, and the opportunity to casually stalk the filming of HBO's Girls. You know, normal Friday afternoon things. While I wasn't planning on "accidentally" walking through their shot, my fan-girl tendencies took over when I spotted Marnie. 

Where was Lena?! Who will replace my beloved Charlie (who, by the way, I ran into in a bar a few months ago--another cool thing about the city...) Will Hannah and Adam finally get back together?! (Please, God, please!) Chances are I'm on some sort of "do not ever let near our set" list, but you know, girls will be girls. 

[Photographed on Lafayette and Spring wearing a TOPSHOP tank, a thrifted skirt, Kinos sandals, a Rebecca Minkoff bag, and a Giles and Brother necklace] 

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