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summer musings

Am I the only one who is sort of backwards in their seasonal dressing? For instance: the weather finally turns from brutally cold to scorching hot. You dive out of bed, ready for a BBQ day, and instead of a weightless tank and cutoffs you reach for said cutoffs and a long sleeve tee. Similarly in the winter when leaving your apartment is questionable if not totally out of the question and instead of layers of thermals, you pull out your summer tanks? That sounds a lot like my dressing routine as of late. 

While I'll admit this is actually a beach coverup (seasonally appropriate, who'd have thought?!), the boots are something I couldn't wait until fall to wear. The perfect amount of floral embroidery-meets-fall shades.  

[Photographed in Palm Harbor, Florida wearing a H&M dress and vintage boots] 

summer staple: flowing dresses

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