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Sseko Designs

When I first started City Brewed, I figured it would be a space where I could post inspiration, share my NYC adventure (mostly with my parents, because they were the only ones who read it), and of course the idea of having some kind of creative source in the middle of a gloomy winter was a huge plus. 

Little did I know I would be exposed to some amazing projects. This year, I am so so honored to be a part of the “30 Ways, 30 days to Educate Women in Africa” campaign which highlights a group of passionate fashion influencers each year. Sseko Designs isn’t just about producing adorable sandals (which, by the way, you can switch up based on your liking), but the brand works to help employ and educate women in Africa to break the cycle of poverty. 

The lovely team at Sseko sent over a pair of their sandals, putting the design in my hands (finally!). I decided to make an afternoon out of it. Sitting on the balcony in all my floppy hat glory snacking on strawberries and trying out different designs (I mean really is this right up my ally or what?). 

After being immersed in an industry based around producing beautiful products for so long, it’s really refreshing to be a part of something that believes in not only a beautiful product, but a beautiful cause. 

[Photographed wearing H&M shorts, a vintage top, a no-name hat, and Sseko Design sandals]


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