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Happy Bones Coffee & Publications; NoHo

Oh how I love this amazing city and its many opportunities to stumble upon fantastic coffee shops. When searching for the perfect sipping spot it's all about checking off the "must haves," otherwise known as my way of keeping track of the bad, the good, and the really really good. The first is obviously the taste of the coffee. The coffee at Happy Bones is strong, just the way I like it. And the decor? Also on point (please note the fantastic straws). And finally, the "really really good" tag reserved only for the best of the best comes from originality. Located on the cutest part of Bond Street, Happy Bones is situated in the back of a consignment store, otherwise thought of as heaven. 

Final review? Happy Bones is really, really good. Definitely one of the best little shops I've come across in awhile. 

[Happy Bones; 7 Bond Street, NoHo] 


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