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Brunching Basics

Brunch to a New Yorker is a sacred time after a long week when it's ok to have a mimosa or two (or you know, a pitcher) in the afternoon. The anatomy of the brunch goes something like the chart above: a recap of the night before, comparing events from said night to various episodes of Girls, eating something delicious and reordering pitchers of mimosas. Unlimited brunch is where it's at. 

I know it's only Wednesday, but what can I say? I'm craving the weekend more than ever this week. And since I've been slacking on my brunch appearances (it's been exactly three weeks since my last brunch, what is wrong with me?!), this post is dedicated to brunching with the pros, and where exactly the best spots are hiding. 

First off, after a long week of lugging a laptop and all the other work nonsense, it is absolutely necessary to lighten the load on brunch day. A clutch with a few necessities will do. Honeysuckle Jasmine roll-on oil so you're smelling fresh and clean, Detox Eye Roller from First Aid Beauty (it's a lifesaver), a perfect shade of pink lipstick (this one is YSL, and it truly is the perfect pink), and of course a pair of sunnies (need I explain?). 

 As for my favorite brunch spots? 

The Frying Pan: Brunch aboard the lightship Frying Pan? Not bad, New York, not bad at all. If you're not feeling the whole "amazing view" thing, head over to Back Forty. Their shadeless back porch makes it the perfect place to break out the new wide-brimmed hat and makes it acceptable to keep your sunglasses on throughout the entire breakfast-lunch hybrid. 


Bright on Bond Street

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