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Biking in Central Park

On Saturday, inspired by seventy degree weather and the prospect of dressing in our best nautical attire, Frankie and I headed to Central Park. Ready to jump into a rowboat and set off into the sunset, we approached the Boat House and a line that ultimately crushed our rowing dreams. And by "our rowing dreams" I mean Frankie's fate of rowing us around the pond, of course.

So what did we do? Well, we rented bicycles. While it wasn't my best biking outfit, I have to say, riding around the park on a cruiser, wind in my hair, sun on my skin, was not a bad way to spend our afternoon (until we got to the uphill portion and my summer dream turned into the most intense workout I've had in a month). We're planning next weekend's biking excursion as I type this post. There will be flats. There will not be a ten pound purse hanging off my back.

[Photographed in Central Park wearing no-name shorts, an H&M blazer, a thrifted tank, and BCBG heels]

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