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army green romper

Two hours of sleep and one cab ride later, I was on my way to Florida. I shoved my oversized bag (the bag I used as a "suitcase" housing absolutely no outfits) under my seat and got comfortable. The lovely team at Twelv Magazine sent over some reading material, so I was set to hunker down and flip through the glossy pages during the two hour plane ride. 

Fast forward a few sun drenched days later, I was digging through my old wardrobe praying for something other than an old senior year teeshirt. I stumbled upon this little romper. Slightly army-like, but it feels borderline cool with tons of gold jewelry. The Alexander Wang shoes help too.

[Photographed in Tarpon Springs wearing an I.N.C. romper, Alexander Wang shoes, and misc. rings]

pumps on the rocks

white summer dress