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white summer dress

There comes a time during every vacation when one must forgo the bathing suits and change into real clothing. Easing into it is key. By no means was I ready for the blazer-meets-boyfriend jeans getup I'd usually be sporting in the city. 

The time came three days into my spur of the moment vacation. Apparently wearing a swimsuit to a sit down lunch (which was, by the way, nowhere near the beach or pool) is not acceptable. I'd like to introduce you to a little dress I bought at some random shop on Broadway on a scorching hot day in the city. I was touring schools in an all-black getup because apparently I thought New Yorkers wore black skinny jeans and a complimenting black top even in the heat of the summer.

After purchasing and wearing said dress out of the store, I proceeded to wear it approximately two more times before retiring it to my closet. Welcome back, old friend. 

{Photographed in Crystal Beach wearing a no-name dress, Madison Harding platforms, and a no-name hat]

army green romper

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