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Remedy Diner; Lower East Side

Almost three years ago, during my second semester of college, my best friend and I walked down the dark side roads of the Lower East Side with a mission. It was late, we were hungry, and I wanted an omelet, damnit! A few random turns later, we stumbled upon Remedy Diner. Also known as my absolute favorite diner--the mecca of all diner food--my midnight savior. Dare I say the best diner in New York City? Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. 

Some habits die hard, I guess, because after a long afternoon of shooting, Remedy was the only place I wanted to be sitting. We sat sipping on ice cold diet cokes, catching up over french fries and the prospect of long summer nights. When's the next diner trip, guys? 

[Photographed at Remedy Diner in Swedish Hasbeens sandals]

[Remedy Diner; 245 E. Houston, Lower East Side]

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