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How To: Orange Lips by Rebecca from Napoleon Perdis

If you were to open my handbag now or any other time, you'd find a small compact hidden deep within the seams. Opening the little black box, you'd first notice the horribly broken mirror, and you may even question its safety, but then you'd notice the different shades of lipstick. A deep red, an untouched bronze color, and finally a little strip of orange.  It was senior year prom night when I snagged it from mom and have since held it hostage.

When the Napoleon Perdis team agreed to do a little "how to" sesh at Bergdorfs, my inner beauty geek was beaming. You see, I have more lipstick lurking in my apartment than I do bags of coffee (shocking, based on this post). 

Since summer is approaching and I've vowed to put aside my reds for just a second (I give it a day), Rebecca, Chief of Makeup Services for Napoleon, picked out the perfect shade from the DeVine Goddess collection

If you're not one for extremes, no need to worry. Rebecca is here to help. If you’re going to try an orange lip but don’t want too much of an intense look, use a brush or your finger and tap the color on your lips.

Ready to take the plunge for a more extreme look? Prep the lips with foundation (to get the true orange color), and use a brush to apply the lipstick. 

“If you’re going to line the lips, line them last so you can perfect the shape of the lips,” Rebecca says. “Also, when you’re trying a bold color, always wear it for 12 minutes before deciding if you love or hate--that’s how long it takes to get used to the idea of seeing something different on your face.” 

And for a her final words of wisdom? “Napoleon always says that ‘whether around the rim of champagne glass or on someone's collar or cheek, lipstick marks a woman's territory.’” 

[Photographed in Bergdorf Goodman wearing Napoleon Perdis DeVine Goddess Lipstick in Hara.]

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