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Pizza a Casa; Lower East Side

For those of you who know me, you know I spent a good portion of my life eating pizza two (if not three) times a week. "What's for pizza tonight," was the question I'd ask my dad every time he picked me up for dinner. I think my parents knew I had an issue when I became convinced (and still believe) that pizza has all the food groups. Or maybe it was when I slaved away over a Father's Day card claiming I "love you more than pizza" in kindergarten (please note that the card was in the shape of a pepperoni slice). 

Pizza fiend or not, when I caught wind of a pizza school on the Lower East Side, there was no way I wasn't going to try it. I ate my way through the Stromboli appetizers--the best I've ever had--(sorry to anyone who stopped by after I left), and planned to entertain with homemade pizza at a dinner party I might get around to planning. 

Pizza a Casa (aka, the pizza school where dreams come true--well, my dreams at least) just launched a new app for all you foodies out there. There are "pizza possibilities," with different recipes (videos included for those of you who in theory would love to cook but have a tendency to mess up even the easiest recipes--been there, done that. If you're cooking skills are slightly more refined, there are sections such as "know your dough" and "oven etiquette." Dare you to look at the app photos and not get hungry. 

[Pizza a Casa; 371 Grand Street, Lower East Side]

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