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Who wants a six month supply of coffee?

There are some aspects of growing up that are significantly more fun than others. Hosting a Sunday morning brunch is way more fun than paying bills, for instance. And to prove my point, drinking ungodly amounts of coffee is much more acceptable when you're living alone as opposed to when you're living with your family. 

When my friends at W Magazine said they were sending over--wait for it--a six month supply of coffee, my first thought was "someone pinch me, I must be dreaming." The second was a plan to turn my apartment into a coffee shop, but that was quickly turned down.

Anyway, back to the brunch. Fresh on the tails of a weekend coffee seminar (and with my coffee snobbery levels through the roof), I decided it was time to make use of my patio table, my cold brew machine, and the grinds making my apartment smell like heaven. 12 hours of dripping, a few too many coffee ice cubs, and three pastries later, Kristen and I were sitting outside enjoying coffee from mason jars and letting the Sunday morning sun beat down on our shoulders. Not a bad way to end the weekend. 

And now, because I couldn't possibly go on talking about life with a six month supply of coffee without offering you guys the same, Gevalia is generously offering one reader the same: six months of java goodness (with different flavors, of course).

Fill out the form below to enter! xx

[This post is in partnership with W Magazine and Coffee by Gevalia. All opinions expressed are my own.] 

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