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The 1884 Collection; Roman Goddess

There's something so incredibly enchanting about roman goddesses. Maybe it's all the captivating stories, or maybe it's how they're depicted: flowing white layers and gold accents. Either way, they had it goin' on. Fun fact: I once attempted a "roman goddess" costume for Halloween circa a million years ago. It went horribly, horribly wrong. 

When The 1884 Collection asked me to style a few of their pieces from the Roman Goddess collection I had two thoughts: first, a chance to erase previous memories of my roman goddess nightmare, and second, I can finally break out my white flowing dress. I guess you're never too old to play dress up. 

[Photographed wearing a necklace and cuff from The 1884 Collection]

Madison Harding Platform Sandals

Pizza a Casa; Lower East Side