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Dear Mom...

My sixteen year old self is kicking me for saying this, but really, is mom ever wrong? In my case, I have my mom and step mom to clue me in, usually on matters that I know everything about, right? I vow to put aside my stubborn attitude for exactly the length of time that it takes me to write this post. 

First off, you're right. That first tattoo I had to have? I hate it. Oh and that one time I pierced my ear without you knowing? Sorry...(wait, did you know about that?). You were right about friends that turned out to be flaky (I'm convinced you have some sort of witchy-sense on the matter). Oh and dating, I could write a novel on this topic alone. But you're right. My high school "boyfriends?" Well, all I can say is yikes. 

From crushes to piercings and and all the advice in between (thank you for never letting me get my brows waxed at the nail salon), happy Mother's Day to my momma and step momma!

Pizza a Casa; Lower East Side

Cakeshop; Lower East Side