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Waveborn; Shades that Give Sight

If you're anything like me, walking out of your apartment on a sunny day (or gloomy, whatever) without a pair of shades is just not an option. Strolling (or speed walking) down the New York City streets sans a pair of dramatic sunnies is quite similar to walking into the Met Gala without an incredible gown--it's just not natural.

Meet, Waveborn, the sunglasses that make the new spring sunshine even more enjoyable. But what's even better is that when you purchase a pair of Waveborn shades, the company donates a new pair of eyeglasses to someone who needs them. Not a bad deal, I'd say. 

The founders of Waveborn have started an amazing campaign on Indiegogo, and have well surpassed their goals in only a few days. So what are you guys waiting for? Buy some shades. Give the gift of sight. 

[Photographed wearing Waveborn sunglasses and a thrifted top]

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