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Three Best Margarita Spots in Brooklyn

Frozen? Salt or no salt? Fruit flavoring? And I thought picking my shoes in the morning posed too many life-altering questions. With the long list of potentials I couldn't possibly be trusted to pick the best margarita spots for ultimate Cinco de Mayo fun, but Nicole Alyse (the vintage tee wearing blogger behind Running in Wedges) could. 

First on her list? La Superior in Williamsburg. With a slogan like "kiss Manhattan's lousy street food goodbye," (and because I recently dabbled in the worst of the worst street food) I'm instantly intrigued. Anyone joining me this Sunday? 

[La Superior; 295 Berry Street, Williamsburg]

You've heard of La Esquina before (you know, that place where the models hangout?). But what you didn't know (rather, what I didn't know), is there's a great little location in Brooklyn (situated not too far from La Superior, should you take my expert advice and engage in a margarita crawl this Cinco de Mayo). 

[La Esquina; 225 Wythe Ave, Williamsburg]

Last on Nicole's list of favorites is Calexico in Greenpoint, also known as the final stop on the Cinco margarita crawl. But first I'd like to know: what is a wet burrito and how can I add it to my daily consumption of food?

[Calexico; 645 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint]

Olay Fresh Effects

Miracle Garden; East Village