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One Beauty PR Girl's Go-To Manicure Spot

When I first met Kristen on a post-Nemo morning in February, we sat in a tiny coffee shop on the Upper East Side clutching our coffees like we feared someone may snag them away. See, it was mid-Fashion Week, and sleep was not on the menu (nor were carbs). 

An hour passed and our initial small talk turned to more pressing matters: our Pinterest boards, the need for more independent coffee shops on the Upper East Side and the impeccable state of her manicure. 

Kristen and I have taken on Upper East Side shenanigans more than once, and every time, her manicure has been nothing short of perfection, which is why last weekend, when my nails were embarrassingly chipped (it was way past trendy), I turned to Kristen for her expert advice. Enter, Noble Nails.

"I was once the mayor of this place on Foursquare," Kristen said while strolling to a collection of Essie nail polish (she's loyal to the brand). Being a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, Kristen is all about the neon trend carrying over from last year. Today she's chosen a color from Essie's newest collection that admittedly, I fell in love with--It's called "Bottle Service" and has momentarily reminded me that the job of naming nail polishes must be one of the best out there. 

If you're in the market for a new nail spot, one which makes it a point to seat you with your bestie when you go in (as opposed to places that invoke the torturous splitting of parties), check out Noble Nails on the Upper East Side.

[Noble Nails; 1484 3rd Avenue; Upper East Side]

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