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DIY Ear Cuff (sort of)

There's a few things in life that my Pinterest boards fabricate: first, you'd think I was an expert chef (based on the hefty servings of recipes lurking on my FOOD board). This is, in fact, is not true. I've used my oven once this year. To heat up takeout.

Second, I may or may not give off the impression that I'm spending days on end DIYing anything I can get my hands on. While in theory that sounds fantastic, the most DIY I've done is that time I accidentally created kitchen art while entertaining myself during hurricane Sandy. 

But now, my friends, I'm feelin' crafty. While visiting one of my favorite LES bars over the weekend, Frankie and I got our hands on some pieces of metal (don't ask). You know. Normal Saturday night antics?

Stuck in my "I need new ear cuffs" haze, I did the obvious. Construct a weird metal cuff from scrap pieces of metal. Look at me being resourceful. 

Who else is feeling crafty these days?

Cakeshop; Lower East Side

Biking in Central Park