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Cakeshop; Lower East Side

When I first stepped foot (strappy sandal) into Cake Shop it was the middle of an unseasonably warm day in April. I'll admit, I was caffeine deprived and heard there was a place with coffee and cupcakes that turns into a bar after dark. Hmm, not bad. Sip on an Americano then upgrade to something a little stronger? Seems economical. 

I perched up on a seat in the back, resting my poor little feet from what would have been a horrible fate. Coffee first, beer later. An hour into my "quick rest," I was over the coffee (said me, never) and decided a drink and some live music might be the perfect way to end a Saturday. 

Luckily, Cakeshop has it all. Caffeine? Check. Cupcakes? Check check. Beer? No biggie. And live music? Just stroll down to the basement for some tunes and the beginning (or end) of a funky night. 

[Cake Shop; 152 Ludlow Street, Lower East Side]

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