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Top Hops Beer Shop; Lower East Side

Waking up Sunday morning after staying out a little too late Saturday night and realizing you have no obligations? Devine. Strolling through the Lower East Side and stumbling upon a shop with over 700 beers? Even better. 

Walking into Top Hops is a beer lovers dream come true. A chalk menu paints the wall behind the bar, just begging you to order a beer you’ve never tried. It was only three o’clock, but what the hell, may as well give into just one (although I should have ordered the sample platter--next time). 

Not only is this fancy little spot a bar, but in the back of the store you’ll find beers from all over the world--literally everywhere. Brooklyn beers? No biggie. German? You got it. Sit and have a beer with some friends and bring some home for later. Not a bad arrangement you’ve got going there, Top Hops Beer. Touché.

[Top Hops Beer; 94 Orchard Street; Lower East Side] 

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