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The Cast; Lower East Side

There are times living in the city when you fall in love--although It’s rare that it’s actually with a person. No no, I’m talking about falling in love with a street, or a neighborhood. For me, it happened around 2 PM. Walking down Orchard Street, coffee in hand, sun (trying) to warm my back. Store after store I fell harder: bars, bookstores, vintage. Oh yeah, I fell hard.

Enter, The Cast, a small store on Orchard with incredible vintage leather, tees and jewelry (shout out to that incredible fur coat I’m dying for, you know who you are). With old photos, perfect decor, and a whole lot of spikes, you can see why I became such a fan girl. 

If you’re in the mood for some seriously rad vintage, head over to The Cast at 71 Orchard.

[The Cast; 71 Orchard Street; Lower East Side]

Lost Weekend; Lower East Side

Long Coat and a Vintage Tee