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72nd Street Bagel; Upper West Side

Bagels, bagels, BAGELS!

This past week, I was on a serious health kick (for four days). It came to a screeching halt when I realized a) I love bagels and b) if I'm going to end up in the hospital because my body is rejecting this new way of eating, that's clearly a sign that strictly fruits and veggies is not for me. Sorry mom, I tried.

Anyway, I didn't realize when moving away from my old apartment into the new, I was not only leaving behind my old apartment, but my old bagel joints. Being the go-getters that we are, Frankie and I hopped in his car and traveled west to 72nd Street Bagels. Seriously I act like this was some kind of amazing feat, but really it was just a ten minute drive.

This little bagel shop was the perfect way to dive back into my bagel obsession. When I say they were delicious, I mean delicious. Like, I considered going back to get another...ten minutes after leaving. 

[72nd Street Bagel; 130 W. 72nd St., Upper West Side]

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