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Café Habana; Nolita

If you happen to find yourself strolling down Prince street in Nolita one Friday evening, you may stumble upon a cafe packed with gorgeous men and women waiting in line for some of the best food in the area. At least that's what I'd been told.

After winding through the yellow-leaf-lined streets (and stopping at Love, Adorned to try on a few rings that I've fallen in love with, should I become an overnight millionaire) a nice hot cafe con leche was just what we needed.

Cafe Habana is like Nolita's answer to my late night cuban food craving. Since I've missed my yearly "go to Miami strictly for Cuban food" trips, it seemed like a great way to satisfy months worth of cafe con leche deprivation. I was right. Oh, and we also met a dog named Hankley.

[Cafe Habana; Nolita, NYC]

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