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the unexpected

“Find something you’re passionate about and stay tremendously interested in it” - Julia Child

When you’re a kid, you grow up thinking you’ll be a pop star--no a race car driver--no, maybe a doctor. Then you get a bit older and realize that it’s difficult to go to college to major in popstar-dom. So you start to think, “what will I do for my career?” To me, the really lucky people are those who have found something they’re passionate about--race cars, singing, medicine or writing, and have made it their day job.

Waking up every morning and writing--especially about something I’m passionate about--is a dream come true. When I was five, authoring my first “novel” (it was in crayon), I never expected to be living in New York City, spending my days writing, editing, photographing and talking to like-minded people about things that I love. But in truth, it’s the unexpected in life that’s the most beautiful. 

[Photographed at home wearing a cooper and ella blouse]

'tis the season

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