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Welcome to Miansai, Crosby Street's newest game changer.

Remember when I went on and on about boutiques that double as coffee shops? Well, a few weeks ago, I did my usual stroll through Soho: a slow walk down Crosby Street, a coffee at Café Integral, and some shopping on my way to the West Village.

While taking in the fresh air on Crosby, I came to a halt mid fashion-girl walk (you know that walk). A store I’d never seen? Interesting. I took a few steps back, making sure I wasn’t mistaken. Above my head hung a giant steel hook, and through the windows I saw what looked like a jewelry store—and, could it be? A beverage bar?

Miansai, otherwise known as a brand of handmade accessories best known for its anchor bracelets, was perched between some of my favorites: Saturdays Surf and Bonobos. Within the store you’ll find beautiful jewelry: leather wrap bracelets, cuffs, necklaces, rings, and oh—shout out to those iPad mini sleeves—I’ve got my eyes on you.

But most interestingly, the front of shop houses a tea bar with Kombucha on tap straight from Portland. This must be a first. Did I just mention tea? If you’re in the neighborhood, head to Miansai for some after Christmas shopping, and chill out back with a fresh Kombucha tea. 

[Miansai; 33 Crosby Street]

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