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Café Integral; Soho

One really special aspect of the city, if I have to focus on just one, is the growing number of coffee shops that double as boutiques. You've seen Saturdays Surf, Lost Weekend and American Two Shot (psst! I've got another coming for you this week!). New York City is constantly evolving; It's always looking to bring forth the new and trendy. The "hot clubs" last for like, five minutes, because next week there will be a hotter club. And that's where these hybrid shops come in. No need to choose between your two loves: clothing and coffee. Why not sell both?

That's where Café Integral comes in. One of my coffees of choice in the Soho neighborhood, it's situated among beautiful clothing at American Two Shot boutique. You can walk in during a leisurely afternoon, grab a latte and pick up a new blouse, all in the same visit. It's shops like these that really encapsulate the grandeur of New York. Innovation is king, right?

[Café Integral; 135 Grand Street, Soho]

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