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Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

It was precisely 7 p.m. last night when I realized I had not finished my Christmas shopping. It was kind of a nagging feeling. After a long week of work I decided Saturday would be the day I would rest. I'd catch up on all the blog posts I've neglected to post. Maybe I'd even go through my closet. But I just kept hearing that nagging voice in my head. Wasn't there something you needed to do. It starts with Christmas and ends with shopping...

Figuring there was no way I was the only one who dropped the ball on holiday shopping, I figured I'd show you some last minute gifts I stumbled upon in my journey. For more gift ideas check out Bed Bath and Beyond. I believe I saw a latte machine that's calling my name. 

Emerson Action Camera - $40
Kate Spade "Eat Cake for Breakfast" Paperweight - $30 
Kate Spade "Escaped the Ordinary" Candle - $40
"Love" necklace - $85
Infinity ring - $89


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