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the pace of the city

"One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years." - Tom Wolfe

Living in New York, we’re always on the go. It’s always a strategy of cramming the most into one day. We take the express train to cut out the three extra stops on the local train. We book back-to-back meetings in one neighborhood in order to pack in as many opportunities as possible. Wearing one hat in New York City is about as common as finding a seat on a rush hour train. 

It’s the pace of the city that I’ve come to love and hate. The days of a casual stroll were left behind when I said sayonara to Florida and arrived doe-eyed on Ludlow Street. Running from place to place, arriving flustered and slightly out of breath, have become the norm. But the thing about those hasty arrivals is that they’re always with excitement. The slight jog through the Garment District wasn’t for nothing. 

For when I arrive at those meetings, peeling off layers between hellos, it’s always with a flood of inspiration. Having the opportunity to bounce ideas off of creatives is the reason people come to New York. To sit in the back corners of a coffee shop, talking future plans and collaborations is why a shy girl from a Florida beach town set off to New York. It’s why even the busiest of days seem to fuel my dreams even more.

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[Photographed in the Flatiron District wearing a Nollie buttondown, Levis high rise jeans and a Verda leather jacket]


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