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Supreme Sundays

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." - Anne of Green Gables

Don't you guys just love casual afternoons? Especially in the fall. I love the idea of throwing on a pair of harem pants, a chunky scarf and a pair of boots, and running out the door. No fuss. My Sunday was just that: no fuss. Myself and some girlfriends headed to the East Village for an afternoon of pumpkin beers, piecing through records and indulging in some noodles at a great spot in the West Village.

There's something about Sundays that I've come to appreciate. Maybe it's the idea of resting before a long week. There's no alarm clock needed, and bagels are pretty much a necessity. You can sleep in, meet up with the girls for brunch and swap stories over a mimosa or two. No, Sundays aren't so bad after all.  

[Photographed in the East Village wearing H&M pants, a vintage cardigan and Nine West boots]


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