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Bowery Coffee; NoHo

"If we wrote your name on our cups, we'd spell it right" - Bowery Coffee

Some people have lists of restaurants they must try, movies they have to see and places they'd love to visit. For me, my list looks more like "Lower East Side, West Village and East Village coffee shops." So on a Friday afternoon when one of my favorite menswear blogger friends (check out his blog here!) suggested we catch up, I turned to my trusty list once more. 

I've walked by Bowery Coffee what feels like thousands of times. Each time I passed the industrial doors and complementing windows, I was more and more convinced to add it to my "must try" list. It only took one mention of Doughnut Plant doughnuts to convince me (they sell them fresh every morning!). 

A few weeks ago, while at a meeting for the Pepper and Paul web series, I began talking to the talented script writer about his writing routine. One thing we found is that when writing, hunkering down at a coffee shop that's aesthetically pleasing is key. Bowery Coffee is just that. I can see myself sitting there on crisp fall days, notebook in hand, sipping on a hot skim latte. 

[Bowery Coffee; 89 E. Houston St., NoHo] 

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