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The Forgotten Weekend

"Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless." - Bill Watterson

 Photography and styling: myself

Model: Michelle Babinsky

Last month, during an early morning flight to Portland, I flipped through the pages of Kinfolk Magazine's ninth issue, tackling the idea of the forgotten weekend. "Do weekends still exist?" was the question posed on the beginning pages. Between catching up on emails, weekend chores and errands that didn't quite make the cut during busy weekdays, is it really possible to spend your Saturday afternoon leisurely, pouring over the pages of your favorite novel or slowly sipping the contents of your mug? Can we disconnect, even just for a day?

One article that really stood out was about reclaiming your weekends. Block out your Saturdays for a "you" day. Wakeup early and enjoy every last drop of your coffee. Spend the hours before the rest of the world seems to be awake writing in a journal, spilling your thoughts and inspiring your day. Go for a walk, strolling instead of your usual speed-walk. Go to your favorite neighborhood café and sit with a book, snacking on croissants or an indulgent pastry. In the evening, get all dolled up and head to the Italian restaurant on the corner, order a glass of red wine and treat yourself to whatever the hell you've deprived yourself of all week. Calories don't count on the weekends. 

 [Michelle was photographed wearing a vintage knit coat, a kimono from LF and J Brand jeans]

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