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Pepper and Paul

"People think too much, and feel too little." -Henric Olsson-Weller, Founder Pepper & Paul

For the past few months, I've hinted here and there to little details of projects I've been working on. A behind the scenes Instagram snap, some sneaky teasers here and there, but finally the story is coming to life.

Pepper and Paul is a visually mesmerizing fashion-meets-art web series based in New York City, which combines film and online shopping. Not a bad way to buy some new digs, huh? 

The story of Pepper and Paul is absolutely magical. Two beautiful people, a New York City love story marrying beauty with awareness, featuring and selling high quality, ethically and environmentally conscious products.

Check out behind the scenes photos and footage to get excited for the launch on the Pepper and Paul Facebook page, and peep the video above for a Sunday afternoon with Pepper and Paul.

The greatest love story ever told is about to come to New York City. Are you ready?  

 [Film, Edit, Interview, Titles by Patrick de Teliga]

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